Hormann Internal Doors

Discover a new feeling of home with high-quality internal doors

With an internal door by Hörmann, you are literally choosing a “door for life”. Our uncompromising quality assurance guarantees that our products have a long service life.

Whether classic or modern, White lacquer or Beech, with glass elements or stainless steel embellishments – Hörmann offers you the internal door that best suits you and your furnishings.

Reasons To Buy Hormann


Flush-fitting: Planar lever handles


For a particularly elegant look, equip your door with the Planar handle. Its absolutely flush-fitting rose escutcheon, perfectly recessed in the door leaf, certainly impresses fans of design, whilst perfect elegance is achieved by the flush-closing doors with concealed hinges. Another fine detail: The omission of the keyhole drill holes means the design looks even more reduced and therefore more elegant.

4 × 4 concept: DesignLine Concepto


Sophisticated and versatile: The doors of the DesignLine Concepto offer you new design options for your home. Combine the high-quality ultra matt, gloss (high-gloss), slate and the new linen surface finishes with the Traffic white, Light grey, Anthracite grey and the new Taupe colour variants.

Nano-coating: all-glass doors


Do you want a light-flooded home? Then our all-glass doors are the perfect choice for you. Apart from its elegant door appearance, the GlassLine also convinces with regard to ease of care: All styles with sand-blasted glass are equipped with nano-coating for fewer fingerprints.

Styles matching DesignLine Groove and Concepto

For the perfect mix of timber and all-glass doors, we offer you the DesignLine Groove and DesignLine Concepto styles, matching the all-glass doors

See and touch: Duradecor texture


The finely textured surfaces allow you to feel what you see. A wood grain texture is embossed into the door leaf, making the characteristic wood structure of the Duradecor texture surface tangible. This emphasises the cosy and natural living atmosphere in your home and is also extremely easy-care and hard-wearing.


Duradecor surface


The high-quality surface will delight you: Duradecor features maximum shock resistance that is 48 % better than the average of the tested CPL surfaces from other manufacturers. It is also resistant, easy-care and heat-resistant, allowing you to enjoy your door for years to come.

4 Protect edge protector


Our rebated doors with angular edges and our flush-closing doors with Duradecor White lacquer, Light grey, Anthracite grey and Taupe surface finishes are equipped as standard with the high-quality 4Protect edge protector.

This makes your timber room doors more resistant against everyday stress so you can enjoy them for many years to come

High-quality timber frame


Our timber frames impress with an attractive round edge and an edge radius of 3 mm (1). The 25-mm-thick lining board (2) and the robust Duradecor surface (3) provide a high-quality and elegant view of your new internal door.

Beautiful steel profile frame


VarioFix is the name of our steel profile frame, which offers you many advantages: With the adjustable decorative rebate, it is fitted as simply as a timber frame. It is also extremely durable thanks to its high strength. In terms of design, its elegant shape impresses without visible foldback. The VarioFix steel profile frame matches the timber frames, with a frame face of 55 mm perfectly suited to timber frames.

Base Line

Plain, chic, timeless: BaseLine

Would you like a timelessly elegant room door with a welcoming character for your home? Then the door models of the BaseLine series are the perfect selection. The door leaf in a flush or rebated version – combined with your preferred surface – harmonises perfectly with your decorating style. This allows you to create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.

All BaseLine timber internal doors are available in four high-quality surface finishes:

  • Duradecor smooth - particularly impact-resistant in 2 colours and 6 designs
  • Duradecor texture - natural character in 10 timber designs
  • Real wood veneer - unique in 14 veneers
  • Lacquer - brilliant in 4 colours or RAL to choose

Paint Traffic white RAL 9016

Paint Pure white RAL 9010

Duradecor texture brushed white

Duradecor French Beech

Design Line Concepto

The 4 × 4 concept: DesignLine Concepto

With DesignLine Concepto you can stylishly realise individual room concepts. Combine the gloss, ultra matt, slate and linen surface finishes with the Traffic white, Light grey, Anthracite grey and Taupe colours according to your wishes. They are set apart in terms of quality, ease-of-care and robustness.

Ultra matt

  • Velvety soft feel
  • Duradecor surface finish with maximum shock resistance
  • Anti-fingerprint for fewer fingerprints and less soiling
  • Can be drawn on with chalk


  • High gloss
  • Extremely smooth surface
  • Hard-wearing


  • With raised texture
  • Contrast of matt and gloss
  • Hard-wearing


  • Fine texture with natural appearance
  • Duradecor surface with maximum shock resistance

Gloss Anthracite grey RAL 7016

Duradecor Slate Anthracite grey RAL 7016

Duradecor Traffic white ultra matt RAL 9016

Gloss Traffic white RAL 9016

Duradecor Slate Traffic white RAL 9016

Duradecor Light grey ultra matt RAL 7035

Gloss Light grey RAL 7035

Duradecor Slate Light grey RAL 7035

Design Line

Discover your dream door: DesignLine

The DesignLine helps you find your individual dream door. With style elements such as stainless steel embellishments, recessed grooves or modern timber-glass combinations, with real wood veneer or in colour – the DesignLine offers a range of modern door styles.

DesignLine internal doors are available in different versions.

  • Stripe - with embossed grooves
  • Groove - with recessed grooves
  • Steel - with surface-mounted embellishments
  • Plain - with flush-fitting embedded embellishments
  • Rail - timber and glass combinations matching the DesignLine timber door styles
  • Pure - with an embedded, streamlined glass element over the entire door leaf height

Groove 89

Stripe 15

Steel 20

Plain 27-7

Plain 27

Rail 1

Rail 2 Maple

Rail 2 White Ash

Classic Line

For fans of classic and elegance

Do you want a classic look that’s also modern? Then our timeless DesignLine styles are the perfect choice for you. Discover your favourite DesignLine door for the perfect country house style.

All styles in this series convince with handcrafted details in the best carpenter’s quality:

The particularly high-quality doors Georgia with their inlaid profile strip. The Carolina styles with embossed profiling, the new Montana with high-quality reconditioned frames, the new Kontura styles with contour-milled profiles and the Virginia panel doors with their elegant design.

Montana 5

Kontura 3

Carolina 2

Georgia 2

Glass Line

For a bright, friendly atmosphere: all-glass doors

Glass doors are not only elegant and chic, they give your home an open and welcoming atmosphere and provide each room with a special charm. Discover the all-glass door that suits you. Whether it’s a hinged door with timber frame or as a sliding door.